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Hope I will have the opportunity to meet you at the Vulcan.LIVE Conference, in Koln.

I will present two sessions about GUI usage from WinForms to WPF, and Modern UI !


CU Soon

Reflector 8 is out

Reflector 8 is out, and you would like to use your Vulcan.NET plugin....

Ok, it's now possible !

Just give me few days, after the Vulcan.LIVE conference, and it will be there.

New Reflector AddIn

Now that Vn208 is out and Vn209 is approaching....so I've published my Vulcan language AddIn for Reflector 7 and Reflector 6 version.

That version is supporting the EVENT and the PROPERTY keywords, and is correcting few bugs, specially in handling Try/Catch/Finally constructions.

New Reflector AddIn

I've just uploaded a new version of the VulcanLanguage Reflector Plugin that is correcting few things......

Change log :
- CFG file is now saved in the DLL Directory
- Correction in Property Set handling
- Correction with Delegate pointing to a static method

V208 is Out

Yes, Vulcan. NET 2.0 build 208 is now available for VOPS members.

Not only it does introduce support for defining EVENTs, but it also include a large amount of improvements/fixes to many aspects of VS intellisense, including the implementation of keyword case synchronization! 

Now, I will concentrate a bit more on my VODC sessions, and then .... I already got some ideas for 209... :)

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