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Error with 27b

After importing FabTools you have the following errors :

Line 22, missing '}' in object creator FABREGKEYINFO{}:51419

Line 12, negative value not allowed:51178
Line 28, negative value not allowed:51178



I'm a french user of Visual Objects, or I should say I was.

I teach Computer Sciences and Languages in a french college, the Lycée Astier , and the need for new abilities in my applications has driven me to C# and the .Net framework. I'm still waiting for Vulcan, but currently I don't even have VO installed on my computer !...Err...VO is back...still lovin' it !!


If you are searching for samples/libraries/etc...., go to the Download section and search.... 


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I've been working so hard and need caffeine to survive, if you like my services then please buy me a cuppa coffee to keep things going. :-) cuppa

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