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XBase Future 2017

XSharp Logo This year, the Cologne conference will be held in 3 days wink, from 24 to 27 April 2017; but if you are waiting for X# content mainly, the first two days will provide all that you need !


If you look at the Speakers and Sessions, you can see that you will have a great panel of technology, related to X# but not only : Many .Net topics will be shown, from Cloud to Internet Of Things.


I will run two sessions :

. One about MEF extensions : How can you use it to create optional extensions to your applications? Define your feature and make it available as an extension and even extend your Extension. For eg, provide an application that have DBF access only, and replace it with SQL by the change of a module.

. One about .Net everywhere : How you can run you create and run the same application on Windows and on Ubuntu.



Please come and meet us in Cologne. If you haven't registered: it is not too late.

VS Partner Summit 2016

As XSharp is a VS Partner, we had the opportunity to participate to VS Partner Summit 2016.

I've made the trip to Seattle, with Robert : This is an awesome thing...Meeting the people that are doing things we rely on and get the information at the source is so great.

That was also the opportunity to meet (in real) other partners like RedGate, OzCode, ...

So, all that is a new step ahead to make XSharp a wonderful product. laughing

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XBase Future 2016

XSharp Logo Just few days before the Cologne conference... and we have good news under the hood : If you want some appetizers, just go to the XSharp website wink


During the conference, I will present some of the new features that we have in XSharp ( like Yield support, Anonymous methods, Async/Await, ... ) and also a session about the Windows 10 Notification Center, ans how you can already use it in your application.


Also, a new version of the XSharp language Reflector plugin will be available at that time : Well, I should said 4 new versions, because I will release versions supporting Reflector 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Shortly after the conference, they will be available through that website.


Please come and meet us in Cologne. If you haven't registered: it is not too late.

Leaving Vulcan.NET DevTeam

I have to announce that I'm no longer a member of the Vulcan.NET DevTeam.

This has been a great experience either by the job done and mainly by the great people I had the opportunity to meet during that time.

But, that said... FabToys are still alive, and I'm sure that I will not stop here my road with the Clipper/VO/Vulcan.NET community : So, stay tuned, I may have some surprises in my pocket Laptop wink


Hope I will have the opportunity to meet you at the Vulcan.LIVE Conference, in Koln.

I will present two sessions about GUI usage from WinForms to WPF, and Modern UI !


CU Soon

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