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Intern Abroad

This message is just a big "Thank you!"

 With the help of the VO/Vulcan community, this year, I had the chance to send 16 students as intern abroad !!

More than 7 are received in a company that is using VO/Vulcan as their main tools, and even my students are still not experienced programmer( After all, they are still student and are here to learn ! Wink ), it seems that things are going quite right...'til now Laughing

Many thanks for your help...I hope I can do better next year !

FabPaint V3.0.1.5

A new version of FabPaint will be has been released ! very soon.

This version, V3.0.1.5, is correcting a very annoying bug introduced in the early V3.x and that has broken the Copy/Paste operations but also the CreateFromScreen. In fact, the creation from a HBitmap was broken and any related function was not working.

As an add-on, this version will also offer you an access to ALL the format that FreeImage can WRITE ! Laughing

I need You !

Yes, I will bother again with my students ! Ok But please, let me explain :

This year (2008) I have 14 students that will leave France for an internship abroad : Québec, Australia, Cambodgia, Spain, Holland, Germany, without forgetting Scotland ! 


Some news of current state of work :

. New FabOutlook bar lib, with MS Office 2003 sytle support. Everything seems ok, just few corrections in the comments/documentation

International Conferences

    My very first "international" experience. Thanks to one of my colleague that convince me to attend, I went in Finland for a Comenius 2.2c course in Saariselka. So great contacts, so great peoples. It gaves me the needed push to step into international exchanges
 I had a student as an intern at the Glasgow City Council. So I went to Glasgow to meet his boss in September 2007, taking advantage of the travel to attend the Learning Teaching Scotland festival
 My first developer conference, either as attendee or as speaker, was in Munich. People were very friendly, and I've learned so much...It was really great ! 
  My second conference, but my first time in England ! Unfortunatly, I didn't find time to visit London Frown. Anyway, the conference was worth the travel. Again, people were very kind , helping me in my english practise. Thanks to everybody !

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