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FabPaint V3.0.1.2

The original V3.0 DLL has a bug in the way SaveAsJPEG hanlde images after any modification to the original.

The new DLL is correcting this and add some chagne in the way showing a image is done.

Go to the Download section to get the new file.  

Where Are U ?

    This a (small) advertisement for a (small) company in france, that is now offering a geo-localisation service using GSM ( currenlty only for Orange client in France ).

    We (me and some of my students) have worked on a project for this company....very nice guys !

    Have a look at their website : www.WhereRU.eu  

Lost & Found

    If you were at the VODC 2007 in Munich, have a Canon PowerShot 710 IS camera, and did lost a SD card with your holiday's pictures....
    I may have found it on my way out of the big conference room on Friday !Laughing

Drop me a mail, I will be happy to sent it back to you. 

Vulcan 4 Reflector

The current state of the Vulcan add-in for Reflector is now available in the Download section .

This is the same version that has been distribuated in the CD of the VODC2007-Munchen.

The DLL is dated November 3rd, 2007

Await a new version  by the end of the week.

VODC - Munich 2007

    The conference is now over, and I'm back home....

    I've just uploaded the Vulcan 4 Reflector add-in, and try to be sure my AEFs are in the right version before uploading versions for VO 2.8

     Then the PaintLib V3.0 will be released (in the VO2.8 section) : but I will write a news for this one.

     Definitely, this conference was a great experience, at least for me Laughing ! The opportunity to meet the Dev Team, and all these VO/Vulcan users was very exciting. I'm coming back with new works to do Wink, news ideas, new enhancements...

    All these exchanges were very productive and informative 

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