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Where Are U ?

    This a (small) advertisement for a (small) company in france, that is now offering a geo-localisation service using GSM ( currenlty only for Orange client in France ).

    We (me and some of my students) have worked on a project for this company....very nice guys !

    Have a look at their website : www.WhereRU.eu  

Lost & Found

    If you were at the VODC 2007 in Munich, have a Canon PowerShot 710 IS camera, and did lost a SD card with your holiday's pictures....
    I may have found it on my way out of the big conference room on Friday !Laughing

Drop me a mail, I will be happy to sent it back to you. 

Vulcan 4 Reflector

The current state of the Vulcan add-in for Reflector is now available in the Download section .

This is the same version that has been distribuated in the CD of the VODC2007-Munchen.

The DLL is dated November 3rd, 2007

Await a new version  by the end of the week.

VODC - Munich 2007

    The conference is now over, and I'm back home....

    I've just uploaded the Vulcan 4 Reflector add-in, and try to be sure my AEFs are in the right version before uploading versions for VO 2.8

     Then the PaintLib V3.0 will be released (in the VO2.8 section) : but I will write a news for this one.

     Definitely, this conference was a great experience, at least for me Laughing ! The opportunity to meet the Dev Team, and all these VO/Vulcan users was very exciting. I'm coming back with new works to do Wink, news ideas, new enhancements...

    All these exchanges were very productive and informative 


    I've just moved the Fabtoys site to a new web host, please indicate me if you have any troubles to download files

   The new FabPaint 3.0 for VO 2.8 is still under developpement. I hope to release it for VODC - Munich

    In the announcement, I also have to add a plugin for Vulcan langage in Reflector which should be released in the next month...I hope... Wink ( May be in Munich ? )

    I've started to rework FabZip to support VO2.8 and the new DelphiZip 1.79 Dll; but the work is ... heavy...I hope you're not waiting after it's release... Laughing

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