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Vulcan.NET 4.0

On September 9th has been published Vulcan.NET 4

It does mainly support use of Visual Studio 2015, and few corrections : www.govulcan.net

Valentine Release

On February 14th has been published the "Valentine Release" of Vulcan.NET 3.


After the XMas relase that was adding some goodies in term of Visual Studio integration, that release is correcting some bugs when using Visual Studio 2013 alone.


After that release, a new set of Vulcaln Language Plugin for RedGate's Reflector 8/7/6 will be soon released.

DevShare 14

As last year, I will be present during DevShare.

This year, the meeting/confeence will take place in Gloucester (UK) area, Newent in fact.


I will talk about PDF management and Zip Files.

I hope to meet you there, and maybe we could talk about a French student as an intern in your company laughing

Vulcan.Live 2015

I will be a speaker during Vulcan.live.2015 in Cologne.

I will talk about Nuget and T4 Templates : What you can do with these, and how you can use Vulcan.NET with these tools.


I hope to see you there !



Vulcan.NET 303

On September 8, GrafX has release Vulcan.NET 3.03.


It now supports Vs2010, Vs2012 and Vs2013.


Some changes have been made in projects handling, and they should now open faster than previous version.

Intellisens has been enhanced in several ways, and you will also find a better AutoComplete feature, the activation of AutoFormat, ...


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