Hope I will have the opportunity to meet you at the Vulcan.LIVE Conference, in Koln.

I will present two sessions about GUI usage from WinForms to WPF, and Modern UI !


CU Soon

Reflector 8 is out, and you would like to use your Vulcan.NET plugin....

Ok, it's now possible !

Just give me few days, after the Vulcan.LIVE conference, and it will be there.

Now that Vn208 is out and Vn209 is I've published my Vulcan language AddIn for Reflector 7 and Reflector 6 version.

That version is supporting the EVENT and the PROPERTY keywords, and is correcting few bugs, specially in handling Try/Catch/Finally constructions.

I've just uploaded a new version of the VulcanLanguage Reflector Plugin that is correcting few things......

Change log :
- CFG file is now saved in the DLL Directory
- Correction in Property Set handling
- Correction with Delegate pointing to a static method

Yes, Vulcan. NET 2.0 build 208 is now available for VOPS members.

Not only it does introduce support for defining EVENTs, but it also include a large amount of improvements/fixes to many aspects of VS intellisense, including the implementation of keyword case synchronization! 

Now, I will concentrate a bit more on my VODC sessions, and then .... I already got some ideas for 209... :)