Back to school ! For me, it just means back at work ! Laughing

I really enjoyed my "too short" venue to SDN DevDay. It was really a great meeting and exchanges were ( from my POV ) very interesting.

I'm coming back with new ideas and new energy. In the forthcoming days/weeks, I will try to build an tutorial on "how to use Reflector and the Vulcan Language plug-in".

One of the most exiting news is the current state of FabVZip, the FabZip version for Vulcan :

Currenlty, Most of the FabZip base class is up-and-running : I'm now working on the FabZipCtrl port to .net in two forms :

  • VO Compatibility
  • Pure .net

If yu plan to use Serial port in your application, either for VO or Vulcan, you may have to test your application.

But unfortunatly, sometimes you don't have the corresponding device in hand, or it's wired to a distant host.....

So, you MUST try that tools : ( It's free and OpenSource !!! ) Null-Modem Emulator

Have been back from VODC2008 to see my little family, and I'm now heading to the Dutch "Rendez-Vous".

But after the VODC, and as I think that I've seen so many interesting things there, I think that I must spread the words....

I'm in no way related to GrafX, and I got no interest in the amount of Vulcan licences they sell; That said, I think that now Vulcan is a MUST have if you still plan to develop XBase/Visual Objects applications in the growing environment of .net.

One of the really important things that I've seen is the support of the so-called "Hybrid Application" : It means that you can have in the same application Windows that are using the VOGui and Windows that are using the WinForms : Now we have the ability to "transport" our applications to Vulcan, then make all desired enhancement using WinForms : In MY point of view, there is now no reason to not GoVulcan !

So, I'm pleased to announce that FabVZip is near to the end : This will be a port to Vulcan of FabZip : as much as possible, compatible with the VO one; and that will comes in two "flavour" for the FabZipCtrl :

  • WinForms
Now, packing my suitcase, and leaving to Nederlands.....


I'm pleased to announce that I will be a speaker at the SDN Vulcan DevDay on November 17.

During that DevDay event, I will present the same Session as at the VODC 2008, may be in a shorter form, as I have one quarter less !Wink

I'm pleased to announce my presence at VODC 2008 that will held in Hamburg from November 12 to November 14, 2008.

I will present two sessions :