I'm pleased to announce my presence at VODC 2009 that will held in Stuttgart from November 11 to November 13, 2009.

I will present two sessions : (and few other things if I find time... FabVZip, use of ZedGraph, Office2007 ribbon, .... )

This message is just a big "Thank you!"

 With the help of the VO/Vulcan community, this year, I had the chance to send 16 students as intern abroad !!

More than 7 are received in a company that is using VO/Vulcan as their main tools, and even my students are still not experienced programmer( After all, they are still student and are here to learn ! Wink ), it seems that things are going quite right...'til now Laughing

Many thanks for your help...I hope I can do better next year !

A new version of FabPaint will be has been released ! very soon.

This version, V3.0.1.5, is correcting a very annoying bug introduced in the early V3.x and that has broken the Copy/Paste operations but also the CreateFromScreen. In fact, the creation from a HBitmap was broken and any related function was not working.

As an add-on, this version will also offer you an access to ALL the format that FreeImage can WRITE ! Laughing

Yes, I will bother again with my students ! Ok But please, let me explain :

This year (2008) I have 14 students that will leave France for an internship abroad : Québec, Australia, Cambodgia, Spain, Holland, Germany, without forgetting Scotland ! 

Some news of current state of work :

. New FabOutlook bar lib, with MS Office 2003 sytle support. Everything seems ok, just few corrections in the comments/documentation