Have been back from VODC2008 to see my little family, and I'm now heading to the Dutch "Rendez-Vous".

But after the VODC, and as I think that I've seen so many interesting things there, I think that I must spread the words....

I'm in no way related to GrafX, and I got no interest in the amount of Vulcan licences they sell; That said, I think that now Vulcan is a MUST have if you still plan to develop XBase/Visual Objects applications in the growing environment of .net.

One of the really important things that I've seen is the support of the so-called "Hybrid Application" : It means that you can have in the same application Windows that are using the VOGui and Windows that are using the WinForms : Now we have the ability to "transport" our applications to Vulcan, then make all desired enhancement using WinForms : In MY point of view, there is now no reason to not GoVulcan !

So, I'm pleased to announce that FabVZip is near to the end : This will be a port to Vulcan of FabZip : as much as possible, compatible with the VO one; and that will comes in two "flavour" for the FabZipCtrl :

  • WinForms
Now, packing my suitcase, and leaving to Nederlands.....