I teach to undergraduate students (studies which last for two years), and I'm searching for contacts with "Computer firms" (I'm not sure the term is the right one....) involved in development or sales, or any sort of professionnal activity dealing with computers for a professionnal training period. This period lasts for 6 weeks at least and is part of the studies, so they don't need any salary.

The students get an official grant from the French government to help them pay for their travelling expenses and accomodation. It is not a lot but it helps.
Students are 18-20 years old, and the training period ( a kind of internship ) takes place at the beginning of the second year. They have some basic skills in C++, C#, Java, Php and MySQL; also some knowledge in network cabling and setup, but don't forget they are still students ;-)

There are many goal for this period; but in my point of view the knowledge of the "Working World" and how other people are living are the most important. Sure a programming period would be great, but why not in a computer store : selling computer parts , help customers, computer repairs...well, anything that could computer related.

I'm searching for some "contacts" who may be interested in welcoming a French student from beginning of September to the middle of October in any job related to computers.

Any help would be welcome