Yesterday, Vulcan.NET 3.02 has been released.

Many things have been made to enhance Vulcan and to prepare the future.


Vulcan.NET now support extensions methods, which opens the road to Linq.

Some changes were made inside Intellisense to support C#/VB project inside a Vulcan.NET solution


The next steps will be to support Vs2013 and the FileCodeModel, which will open the road to some other Vs Extension.


At the same time, the new Vulcan Language for Reflector 6 has been released, and Vulcan Language for Reflector 8 is now part of the installation.


Version 3.0.302.0 - January, 2014 

This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Added support for Extension methods, and support in CLR2
  • Added support for subscribing to/ unsubscribing from events with implicitly instantiated delegates (new delegate syntax)
  • Fixed enum member attribute target

VS Integration:

  • Intellisense support for CoClass when using COM Object
  • Intellisense now support types from VULCAN.NET Project reference
  • Intellisense now basically support types from CS/VB Project reference
  • Intellisense now recognize PROPERTY were GET/SET don't have the same visibility
  • Fixed some issues with the separate designer.prg file
  • Now WinForm Designer support user-designed controls
  • WinForm designer support for Events in inherited controls
  • Formatting Code available through Edit/Advanced/Format Document or Format Selection
  • Support of Edit/Outlining/Collapse to Definitions Menu item


  • Modified TextControl:ControlFont code in order to take account of the name change Font to ControlFont.
  • Fix for bug #1165, updated Color class constructor so that it allows to pass in the color as a single value, as in VO
  • Modified WinFormVOWindowHost:ProcessDialogKey() so that it better handles the TAB key.
  • Updated Control:LinkDF(oDS, siDF) method so that it also handles the field param(siDF) passed as SYMBOL.
  • Fix for bug #1166, now TreeView:SortChildren() uses a delegate instead of a function pointer for the sorting callback method.

RunTime Functions:

  • Fix for bug #1167, File() function was throwing an exception, instead of returning FALSE for erroneous paths
  • Fix for bug #1172, Proper() was only checking for whitespace as word separators.


  • Vulcan.NET language Add-In for RedGate's .NET Reflector available in Tools Folder.
  • Vulcan.NET Productivity pack for Visual Studio is installed per default.

Help System:

  • Fix for Help System producing js errors whith method having one USUAL parameter.