VS2010 AddIns

You will find here AddIns/Extensions for MS Visual Studio 2010 and Vulcan.Net

Fab Extensions - Install

Size: 26.8 kBDownloaded: 2 263x

This zip file contains both vsix files : Just double click on each one to install them in Visual Studio 2010

Fab VN Keywords - Source

Size: 103.7 kBDownloaded: 2 245x

It will add an Intellisense dropdown list for Vulcan Keywords. Press TAB key to insert the selected keyword, Space/Return/. will dismiss the selection. You can change the case to ...

Fab VN Toys - Source

Size: 366.3 kBDownloaded: 2 300x

It will add a Contextual-Menu to you Editor with an entry called FabVNToys and three possibilities   1. Put your caret on a line with either a declaration (as) or assignment(:=), right-click to get ...