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FabPaint V3.0.1.4

This version adds more file format, new functions and most of all it handles multi-pages files (Tiff/Ico/Gif) and Delete/Insert/Add pages functionalities
- Added DIBGetBits() functions. We already have DIBGetInfo(), but if you need to draw the image by yourself, you will the Bits pointer
- Added DIBIsTransparent() which returns TRUE if the image has transparency
- Added DIBHasBackgroundColor() return a logical value indicating if the image has embedded it's background color
- Added DIBGetBackgroundColor() retrieve the background color
- Added DIBSetBackgroundColor() set the background color
- Added DIBStretchExDrawDCBackground() which allow to draw an image transparenlty using a background color or another image (composite operation)
- Added DIBCreateFromFileEx() to support 1.4.8 bits Icons, and any settings in reading that FreeImage allows
- Added DIBCreateMemStream,DIBDeleteMemStream,DIBSaveToMemStream,DIBAcquireMemStream for direct memory operation when saving
- Added AsString Access/Assign
- Added DIBPasteSub() to paste a sub image at a specified position
- Added DIBSetTransparent()
- Added DIBComposite() to composite a foreground image against a background color or a background image

- Correction a bug in the DIBFromClipboard() function, which was mishandling images data in the Clipboard
- Correcting a bug in DIBGethandle(). It was always returning a NULL pointer, this was a bug in the FabPaint DLL

- Known Bugs:
In Rotate operation, if you set the background color, you will have black lines in the resulting image.

- No public release...

- Correcting a bug in SaveAsJPEG() function
- Now ShowXXX functions are using DrawDibDraw (Screen only)
- Now StretchXXX functions are using StretchDIBits except DIBStretchEx() and DIBStretchExDC()