Visual Objects 2.8

Applications, Tools and Libs ready for use with Visual Objects 2.8


Size: 160.1 kBDownloaded: 2 890x

Classes/Library around the Windows NetAPI  You will find definitions and Wrapper aroun the NetAPI functions and structures. All these can help you to access/change User/Computer/Groups/Rights on ...


Size: 56.4 kBDownloaded: 2 822x

OutlookBar style control and SpilShell lib that allows you to add a left and/bottom panel in any ShellWindow


Size: 50.4 kBDownloaded: 2 895x

OutlookBar style control and SpilShell lib that allows you to add a left and/bottom panel in any ShellWindow. Now with an OfficeXP like style !!


Size: 790.5 kBDownloaded: 2 840x

FabPaint DLL V3.0.1.2 This version is correcting a bug in V3.0 in SaveAsJPEG function, and troubles in displaying images

Fab Paint

Size: 956.7 kBDownloaded: 4 482x

This version is correcting a very annoying bug introduced in the early V3.x and that has broken the Copy/Paste operations but also the CreateFromScreen. In fact, the creation from a HBitmap was ...


Size: 958.9 kBDownloaded: 2 934x

FabPaint V3.0.1.4This version adds more file format, new functions and most of all it handles multi-pages files (Tiff/Ico/Gif) and Delete/Insert/Add pages functionalitiesV3.0.1.4- Added DIBGetBits( ...


Size: 80.5 kBDownloaded: 2 881x

Serial class


Size: 24.2 kBDownloaded: 2 828x

FabShell is a class to ease the acces to system folders : retrieve real path to My Documents, ...


Size: 142.2 kBDownloaded: 3 603x

FabTools and FabCtrl are the two based library of most of the FabToys


Size: 60 kBDownloaded: 2 867x

Twain access to Visual Objects : With FabPaint you have a complete solution


Size: 212.3 kBDownloaded: 2 720x

FabWinsock and FabICMP are classes to handle network sockets in the Win32 way


Size: 315.8 kBDownloaded: 3 262x

FabZip is a set of classes to hanlde Zip file reading and writing