Visual Objects 2.0

Files for Visual Objects 2.0 and more


Size: 389.9 kBDownloaded: 2 152x

A application to Open AEF/MEF files, read the contents without running VO.You can Export any module source to MEF, PRG or Export a AEF to a single PRG. This application can also generate a RTF file ...


Size: 13.5 kBDownloaded: 2 077x

A application to backup files. ( You can set a File name, or wildcards, or an array of files ). Files are compressed using the FabZip library to a temporary file, then this one is copied to the ...


Size: 24.9 kBDownloaded: 2 114x

A library with full source and a Demo about an Easy-To-Use Chart Control "à la Excel" 3D Bar Graph, Coloring, Resizing, ...well, all you need to have a small but readeable ChartThanks to ...


Size: 55.2 kBDownloaded: 2 010x

A library that enhance the VO support of COM. Some of the basics of the COM have been rewritten to add the possibility to add some COMposant that are not supported by VO, like all COM interfaces of ...


Size: 167.3 kBDownloaded: 2 070x

Fab Controls is a library for VO 1.0. This is only a port for VO 2.0


Size: 64.7 kBDownloaded: 2 117x

A FREE library to provide a direct acces to any TWAIN-compliant driver. This library uses a FREEWARE library called EZTwain, modified to be used via VO, with an easy-to-use class that provide a basic ...


Size: 26.5 kBDownloaded: 2 061x

A FREE Application to convert .BAS or .PAS files with prototypes to the conrresponding VO DLL Prototypes in PRG files. If you have a third party product that don't comes with VO prototypes, ...


Size: 20.5 kBDownloaded: 2 051x

Prototypes for WinInet DLL


Size: 107.1 kBDownloaded: 2 023x

Easy-to-use Lib and Classes to Create User, Groups, Local Groups, .... ( This work is still in progress. All info are subjects to change, use at your own risk. Currently, no modifications can be ...


Size: 275.1 kBDownloaded: 2 073x

Fab Repository Tools is a Add-on to help you in migrating from CA-Visual Objects 2.0 to CA-Visual Objects 2.5, or to ease patching VO. But you can also use it for Backup purpose, moving projects from ...


Size: 211.4 kBDownloaded: 2 101x

Easy-to-use Winsock wrapper class. Include HLP, Demo and some services ( SMTP, FTP, ...)    !!! You MUST have FabTools in order to build/use this library


Size: 38.1 kBDownloaded: 2 008x

Prototypes for some NetAPI functions for Windows NT. ( NetUserAdd(), ... )


Size: 8.8 kBDownloaded: 2 009x

A small sample application that demonstrate a way to move TreeViewItems Up/Down/Left/Right in a TreeView


Size: 26.3 kBDownloaded: 1 978x

A FREE tool to view good-old NG files from Windows