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A application to backup files. ( You can set a File name, or wildcards, or an array of files ). Files are compressed using the FabZip library to a temporary file, then this one is copied to the destination drive. If it's a floppy, disk can be formatted, and the backup file is splitted to allow multi-volume creation. At restore time, reading the first volume give the total size of the backup, files are merged and decompressed.
Thanks to Phil McGuinness( Sherlock Software ) for his help on this.
!!! You MUST have FabTools, FabZip and FabShell in order to build/use this application
!!! WARNING !!! If you change the Drive setting of the BackupWnd object, you may face some troubles, as ALL FILES of the corresponding drive will be deleted before disk-spanning. To Avoid this, comment the line 112 in the DoBackup() method.