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I've just created a new category in the Download Area.

You will find there some of my libs rewritten in order to support XSharp "Core" Dialect, which means that you don't need to have any third-party RunTime in order to use them.

Cologne Conference 2016

I will be a speaker during XBase.Future 2016 in Cologne.

I will talk about the Windows 10 Action center and how to interact with it, and some of the new features in the X# language such as LINQ support, Creating Generics, Switch Statements, Yield Return statements and many more.


I hope to see you there !

X# and what else ?

Conference again....

and in order to check that all the session material is ok, just doing some final tests.

So I need more cafeïn ;)



XBase and .Net

As I really like XBase languages, I must admit I'm also a C# fan.

If Vulcan.Net was a great step ahead, I've left the DevTeam for several reasons but I consider to still be part of the Community and feel engaged with it.

So, I could not resist to continue the adventures, and I'm now part of the XSharp devteam.


The goal is to deliver a XBase compiler for the .Net platform, and it's tools, to the community for free, as much as possible, but I think the best is that you go to www.xsharp.info, so you can get all informations and replies of several questions ... how, why, how much...

Keep your apps running

If you wonder if X# will be able to help you keep your apps running, please have a look at the latest article on the X# Website.

More and more applications are moving to X#with less and less efforts...

DevShare 13


I'm very pleased to say that I will be present at DevShare 13, in Shrewton (uk)


I will present "what's new" with Vulcan3 in Vs2010 and vs2012...and maybe some news that you may have missed in the latest Vulcan2.

We will also talk about the changes/enhancements from the User-Experience in Visual Studio that you can expect for the next releases.

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